I recently had the privilege of meeting former Harlem Globetrotter, Larry “Gator” Rivers. Rivers is currently on mission for a very admirable cause — improving neighborhood basketball courts in his hometown of Savannah, Georgia.

Rivers has taken on this noble task because neighborhood courts in Savannah are where he learned to love the sport of basketball, and basketball changed his life forever. Rivers believes that if the courts are improved, more children and young people will come to them and learn to love the game. His real desire is for children to spend less time inside behind screens and to spend more time enjoying the outdoors!

Although Rivers is improving courts in Savannah, I think our community has some great places for children to get out and enjoy all the outdoors has to offer! Here are some of my favorite spots in Georgia’s 73rd District to get out and play with the kids:

Because the youth of our community is the future of our community, I am excited to know there are so many ways for our children to be active and spend time outdoors this summer. Because of initiatives like the ones of Gator Rivers, our youth can enjoy beautiful facilities that encourage being active and learning skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Enjoy your summer and get outside!

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