From left to right: Lt. Curtis Keys, Superior Court Judge Chris Edwards, Rep. Karen Mathiak, and Attorney Karl Broder

This month I had the honor of being named a member of the board of the Spalding County Collaborative Authority for Families and Children. The Spalding Collaborative exists to bring community leaders together to evaluate and implement plans to improve the lives of our community’s families and children.

As part of the Georgia Family Connection Collaborative, the Spalding Collaborative works to improve living conditions for at-risk children, families and communities. The Georgia Family Connection Collaborative is a statewide initiative that partners with local political leaders, teachers, ministers, and public servants to determine the needs of the members of a particular community in Georgia. Once those needs are determined, the Collaborative creates an action plan for different organizations in the community to meet those needs.

The Spalding Collaborative has been part of community events such as a Back to School Bash in Griffin where students were for an evening of fun with their families. Students received  free haircuts, free school supplies, and free food to create a fun and relaxing evening with their families.

As a board member of the Spalding Collaborative, I will be working with my colleagues to see needs of at-risk children and families in Spalding County and create plans to meet them. I’m excited about this role because I am a proud member of the community I get to represent. The youth of our community is the future of our community, and it is our duty to be good stewards of our time and resources to invest in the future of Spalding County.

To learn more about the Spalding County Collaborative, click here. Keep an eye on my social media pages for upcoming events and ways to get involved with what the Collaborative is doing in your community. I can’t wait to get started!

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