We Need Karen!

Conservative Outsider who will:

checkbox.fw Revitalize the Economy in District 73

checkbox.fw Force the State to live within our means

checkbox.fw Vote Pro-Life

checkbox.fw Protect Religious Freedom

checkbox.fw Protect the 2nd Amendment

checkbox.fw Protect Personal Privacy

Karen believes in a citizen legislator. She knows that Georgia does not need career politicians who spend decades after decades in political office. District 73 needs a new fresh voice; a voice that listens to voters and works diligently to serve the needs of the district. Karen will be that voice. Her conservative leadership, tenacity, and good heart make up her drive to serve. She is committed to keeping taxes low, she is Pro-Life, and Pro-Family. Karen believes good ideas come from many places. Keeping the same career politicians in office can lead to a stale and outdated government. We deserve a representative with fresh ideas. Karen is that fresh voice.

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