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Week Nine Update 2017

Week Nine of the 2017 Legislative Session began Monday, March 6th. With Crossover Day behind us, my colleagues and I went back to work focusing on the legislation that was already passed by the Senate. This week was spent fully reviewing each Senate bill before its... read more

Week Eight Update 2017

On February 27th, my colleagues and I reconvened at the Capitol to begin the eighth week of the 2017 legislative session. On Friday, March 3rd we reached “Crossover Day,” or the deadline for bills to pass the legislative chamber of origin to still be considered for... read more

Week Seven 2017 Update

My colleagues and I reconvened at the Capitol on Tuesday, February 21. This marked the beginning of the seventh week of the 2017 Legislative Session, where we got back to work discussing and passing legislation. Our work hours were a bit longer this week, as some of... read more

Week Six 2017 Update

The sixth week of the 2017 Legislative Session began Tuesday, February 14th. My colleagues and I returned to the State Capitol, eager to see what the week would bring. We have officially reached the halfway point in Session this year. With “Crossover Day”... read more

Week Five 2017 Update

The fifth week of the 2017 Legislative Session began with many bills finally making their way to the House floor to be voted on. As a result, my colleagues and I were excited to see many bills passed this week that improve the lives of the citizens in our districts.... read more

Week Four 2017 Update

On Monday, January 30th, the Georgia House of Representatives resumed their responsibilities for the 2017 Legislative Session. Committee and subcommittee hearings were taking place as we worked together to pass legislation to improve and maintain the quality of life... read more

Week Three 2017 Update

Monday, January 23rd brought the third week of the 2017 Legislative Session. This week marked great progress in our time is Session thus far, as the House overwhelmingly passed its first legislation, the Amended Fiscal Year 2017 Budget. We also joined the Senate on... read more

Week Two 2017 Update

One of the most important weeks of the 2017 legislative session began last Tuesday, January 17, 2017. The House and Senate Appropriations committees held their joint budget hearings, and started the process of reviewing Governor Nathan Deal’s budget recommendations... read more

Week One 2017 Update

Last week marked both the first week in the 154th Legislative Session of the Georgia General Assembly and of the 2017-2018 term. During the week, all 180 members of the Georgia House of Representatives were officially sworn in and leaders were elected to guide the... read more

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