The fourth week and tenth day of the 2020 legislative session began Monday, February 3rd. This week my colleagues and I have been busy meeting in our committees where we passed several important measures, one of them including an adjournment resolution that set our calendar for the next few weeks of the legislative session.


Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics

Wednesday, the House unanimously adopted House Resolution 935, a bipartisan measure that would reauthorize the Georgia Commission on Freight and Logistics for the 2020 calendar year. This commission was first created in 2019 and would continue to work to develop unique and specific solutions for trucking, rail, and air cargo. This would also include reducing the driving risks for truck drivers and other motorists and expanding dedicated lanes for moving freight and reducing traffic impacts in and out of the ports and around key metropolitan areas. By the end of the year, the commission would submit a comprehensive report detailing a legislative framework for funding and policy development ahead of the 2021 legislative session. This resolution is now on the way to be considered by the Senate, and if it is adopted, the commission would continue the necessary work in identifying ways to support the state’s freight and logistics industries and allow Georgia to maintain its competitive advantage in these industries.


Georgia State-wide Business Court

For the past few years, the House has spearheaded legislation to develop the new Georgia State-wide Business Court, which launched in January 2020 and will begin taking cases in August of this year. These specialized courts were approved by Georgia voters and are dedicated to providing expedited resolution of cases for complex commercial lawsuits. This new court system is designed to enhance Georgia’s position as the number one state to do business in. The House also passed enabling legislation, House Bill 663, to allow judges of the recently created statewide court to become members of the Judicial Retirement System of Georgia if they are employed full-time and are in good standing with the State Bar. These judges who serve in this specialized court will help to ensure that we remain a business-friendly state.


The Roger C. Dill District Office 

This week, the House also adopted House Resolution 326 in honor of Mr. Roger Dill, who worked for the Georgia Department of Transportation for 23 years. Mr. Dill contributed to a number of notable transportation projects in Tift County as well as across the state, including the construction of Interstate 75. This resolution honors Mr. Dill by dedicating a newly constructed Department of Transportation building in Tift County as the Roger C. Dill District Office and formally acknowledges his personal commitment to the betterment of Georgia and his contributions to the state’s transportation infrastructure.


Senate Resolution 712

And lastly, before we adjourned for the week, the House adopted Senate Resolution 712, which is a second adjournment resolution that determined our legislative calendar for the coming weeks. This allows the General Assembly to remain in recess until February 18th, so that we can focus our time and energy on the Amended FY 2020 and FY 2021 budgets.


The House and Senate will reconvene on Tuesday, February 18th for Legislative Day 13. Until then, my colleagues and I will hold important budget hearings and devote our time at the Capitol to finalizing the state budgets. As always, I greatly appreciate any feedback from my constituents. Please contact my office with any questions or concerns about the legislative session before we adjourn Sine Die. You may reach me at my Capitol office number 404-656-0298 and my email address is As always, thank you for allowing me to be your Representative! 

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